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  • Module 6 Week 6

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    Please click the link below to view the Modules and you can right-click the Modules below and select "Save Link As" to download the files to your computer. Please print your weekly modules and use them daily.

    Moms and Daughters Girls in Power Workshop Series and Home Study Program is now in Week 6.

    Now it's time to take action; it is your time, to turn you VISIONS into REALITY!

    So this week is all about preparing to achieve your goals.

    It's about taking what you've learned so far, and applying it all to "un-perfect" completion.

    Take your list of daily habits and be sure to print out the daily tracking log for you and your daughter to check off each day.

    Be sure you treat yourself; and take a little time for yourself and “rest.” What a gift, to give your daughter. Modeling behavior and sharing with your daughter how your “resting” in each day for 5-10 minutes, as you renew yourself, slow your mind down, pause and just “BE” in the moment. Ahhhh…

    Taking time to journal, will give you the ability and time to reflect on what you've learned so far, record your blessings and you will be giving yourself the freedom to think on the new possibilities you are starting to create in your mind, heart and spirit.

    This week we will discuss and hear about how to effectively set appropriate boundaries and limits for you and your daughter. We will focus on acceptance and understanding as well as multiple benefits you and your daughter will receive from “setting limits.”

    See you in the Google Hangout.