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    Please click the link below to view the Modules and you can right-click the Modules below and select "Save Link As" to download the files to your computer. Please print your weekly modules and use them daily.

    Moms and Daughters Girls in Power Workshop Series and Home Study Program is now in Week 4.

    I know our schedules get busy and we just had spring break. So take a breath, give yourself a hug, and remember you are only required to commit to 100% imperfection here. As you and your daughter continue down a journey of "Self" discovery and all the while practicing and applying empathy and compassion, the Art of Listening, being thankful and grateful, learning to "rest" and be in the moment and most of all...bond and "hear"/listen to your daughter. Discover each other and watch how the rose blossoms.

    I look forward to sharing this week in Google Hangout.

    Let's carry on.....with more......time spent....

    Discovering your inner-beauty and connecting with your passions, developing new confidence/skill and self-value. This program is designed to provide you the tools with which will help you and your daughter self-manage your lives, daily, equipping you both with massive CONFIDENCE and PEACE.