GIP Mentors for Teen Workshops Needed in Southern California

The Girls in Power Foundation is interviewing mentors for the 2013 Workshop Series in Southern California.  These workshops are for girls ages 8-16 and last 10 weeks.  Being a mentor is very rewarding and can literally change a young girls life.

Being a mentor involves listening. The other adults in the young person’s life may not have the time, interest, or ability to listen, or they may be judgmental. Mentors can encourage young people to talk about their fears, dreams, and concerns. Staying neutral and not judging, but rather, sharing your own values, is important in listening. Remember, a mentor may be the ONLY adult in a youth’s life who listens.

“Speaking and listening are two skills that are required in order for any two people to communicate with one another. When you speak, your words convey a message with both cognitive and effective components. In other words, what you say has both meaning and emotion attached to it.

Most of us forget that the listening half of communication has the same two skills inherent to it. We usually understand the meaning that the speaker has attached to his words, but often fail to let the speaker know that we are aware of the emotion that he is feeling at the time.

Empathy is the art of letting the speaker know you not only understand the words used, but also are sensitive to the feeling that he is expressing. “You sound ‘up’ today” or “what’s got you down lately?” would be a simple way to begin to explore some of the feelings being expressed.

When two speakers begin to listen with the same enthusiasm with which they speak and to convey to one another that they heard both what was said and how it was said, a powerful bond begins to develop. This bond is friendship and love”.

- James Deary, III, Ed.D., Institute for Urban Family Health, New York City

Being a mentor can include rewards, frustrations, and obligations. Girls in Power is providing mentoring opportunities to the teens they serve in order to provide a solid support system to the growing and developing a teen. Being a mentor is an important role and can be a powerful tool in helping the teen gain perspective, trust and the ability to share freely/openly.

If you're interested in getting more information about being a mentor you can get that information HERE.


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