Mother and Teenage Daughter Relationships

Mother and Teen Daughter Relationships can be challenging to say the least.  All mothers long for better relationships with their daughters and the path is not always an easy one. As a mother of 3 daughters, Melinda Crown knows that first hand.

"I've heard it said that the greatest influence in a child’s life is the same sex parent. If you desire to change your life and your daughter’s, then understand it starts with you. Remember, it is much easier to empower a child, than repair an adult." Melinda Crown

mother and teenage daughter relationship


Excerpt from the upcoming Kindle Book, Empower Your Girl by Melinda Crown on the subject of mother and teen daughter relationships:

You can experience love for yourself and for others through empathizing and listening more. If you are willing to be conscious and pay close attention to how you feel in situations, how you are listening as well as practicing holding on to hope, loving yourself by carving out some time to nurture and care for yourself and your daughters, you will grow your ability to care for others, empathize, and listen more.

Listening more to your daughter, and asking yourself what emotions and feelings are you hearing from your daughter will begin to strengthen and heal your relationship.

It is not always easy to clearly know what your daughter is communicating; because as you might know, preteens and teens can react or overact leaving you reeling with intense emotions and often feeling blindsided. Perhaps you have asked yourself after a blow up, what did I just miss or what just caused that? 

You can grab a FREE Audio Preview here of Empower Your Girl which is for mothers and daughters to help them and create better relationships for themselves and each other.


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